Buzzing Cars

Buzzing Cars 1.0

A racing game where you'll not only need to be fast but also smart
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BuzzingCars is a totally crazy racing game where you'll not only need to be fast but also smart. You must carry out various missions such as drive robots around, chase flying saucers, electrocute aliens and of course race against the clock.

An original bonus system prevents you from getting stuck in the game : even if a mission just happens to be too much, you can move on to another one.



If you don't like the camera's view from the driver's seat, set to the back seat driver's vision.
Driving in BuzzingCars is a lot of fun. Skid through the circuits and jump over mine fields or use the hand break to perform spectacular U turns.


You can buy seven different cars with various properties. The finely tuned motors deliver tremendous power. The shock absorbers (they actually work in the game) assure great comfort, even when driving on rough terrain. In every crash or mishap, the cars begin to lose bits'n'pieces until they fall completely apart.


Different kinds of robots appear now and then. Discover them in the various missions of BuzzingCars.
Other devices such as bombs, water cannons, electrocuters etc. appear occasionnally.


Lots of different circuits and scenery.

Technical specifications:

A 3D graphic engine was specifically created for this game. It uses DirectX8 and was designed to represent vast outdoor areas.

The following techniques are featured :

- Dynamic lighting.
- Shadows for all items (buildings, cars, objects, etc.)
- Tyre marks, debris, oil spots, lost car parts
- Particle generator for various effects such as explosions, dust, sparks etc.
- Cars made of lots of parts which fall off after collisions.
- Multi-texturing. One channel is used permanently to represent different types of dust on the vehicles.
- Fog generator.

System requirements :

- PC with Windows Vista/XP/2000/ME/98/95 and DirectX8
- P500 with 64 Mbytes RAM
- 3D accelerator board with 16 Mbytes RAM
- Voodoo boards are not supported

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